FundSend No Longer Operational Online Casinos

FundSend has become an increasingly common method of online payment thanks to its transparency, ease of use and above all an inexpensive alternative. FundSend is a comparatively recent form of payment. Plays will make online purchases via a connection between their VISA or MasterCard and the FundSend account. FundSend preserves the confidential and banking records of consumers in other words. Whenever an internet order is made, private details are not disclosed. The complete secrecy in all purchases in best casino in singapore.

Account creating

You will have to build an account and transfer money into your FundSend account in order to continue using the FundSend services. For ease of customers, the registration process is streamlined. You must go through four levels before you can access your FundSend account. 

You must first fill in your name, your address and the country in which you live. To check your account, you will receive a confirmation email and you have to click the connection. In the absence of successful authentication, it is important that the details requested should be correctly completed. In this scenario, you will be asked to submit a copy of your ID to the FundSend team.


Fundsend is recognised in a variety of prestigious online casinos and online retailers. You need, of course, to upgrade your FundSend account and obey the directions before starting a transaction. With respect to casino deposits through FundSend, the standard protocol is required. To start, select Fund Send from the list of payment options available and enter the sum you want to deposit in the cashier column. Enter more details and validate the transaction.


The protection and convenience of FundSend is borne out, as mentioned above. In other words, the purchases that you make are subject to a tax. With a bright smile, FundSend takes an attempt to ensure the prices are kept as sensitive as possible.

It is necessary for you to pay between 2.49% +£2 and 2.99% +£4. This depends on the nature of the transaction and the country you are in. This are the charges for consumers who do not want to build a FundSend account.

However, if you are a registered client, the fees for you will be even smaller. Any transfers of money made by you shall be subject to fees of between 1.99% + £2 and 2.49% + £4. The charges are normally deducted from the sender’s balance but the recipient may still reimburse the service. 

The highest amount you will give at once is £5,000 or the equivalent of your currency. You should be assured that your personal and bank records are strongly secured, so your information will not be leaked to third parties. You just need the FundSend ID of the recipient to submit a certain number. The recipient is informed of the transaction by e-mail.


FundSend is essentially a payment solution which helps you to process risk-free transactions. Confidential information should not be disclosed to third parties. If you are depositing money at an online casino or making a payment at a shop does not matter, the receiver will receive the money automatically and after approval, the transaction is done.


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